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Stephen Ministry was started at Fountain City Presbyterian Church in 1994.  This ministry equips lay people to provide distinctively Christian one-to-one care for those who are experiencing all kinds of life needs and circumstances.  It is a ministry of Christ caring for people through people.

Through Stephen Ministry, prospective Stephen Ministers apply, are interviewed, and complete 50 hours of training over a period of six months.  They are trained by Stephen Minister leaders, who have received their intensive training from national leaders in the Stephen Ministry Series.  A very thorough Stephen Ministry Training Manual and other supporting textbooks are used during the course.  Upon completion of the course, and by mutual agreement of the individual, pastors, and leaders, class participants are commissioned as Stephen Ministers.

A Stephen Minister is assigned to a care receiver by mutual agreement.  The Stephen Minister then visits regularly and dependably offering Christian support, listening, and care.  This relationship is preserved by strict confidentiality and lasts as long as it takes for the care receiver to gain confidence and feel comfortable.  Some of the life situations in which Stephen Ministers serve as caregivers are:  hospitalization, grieving the loss of a loved one, terminal illness, loneliness, depression, separation or divorce, and shut-ins.

Fountain City Presbyterian Church currently has four active, trained leaders and thirteen active Stephen Ministers with care receivers.  Three additional ministers are on sabbatical. The latest 50-hour training session for Stephen Ministers was held September, 2001-March, 2002 in which the Fountain City Presbyterian Church networked with the Fountain City United Methodist Church and Messiah Lutheran.  This proved to be a most rewarding experience for all.
Two Stephen Ministers for FCPC were commissioned in March, 2002.

If you think you, or someone you know, need a Stephen Minister, or if you would like to take the training, please contact Max Reddick, Pastor, at 865-688-2163 or any of the Stephen Minister Leaders:  Phyllis Cragle, 688-3209; David Lloyd, 524-7852; Bob Riehl, 673-8150, Barbara Riehl, 673-8150.

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